Hello, my friend:

Like you, a great part of me is a traveler.

In space/time and beyond space/time, we have traveled from Country to Country, from culture to culture, and from identity to identity... We have traveled from website to website, and from mind to mind... We have traveled from a part of ourselves to another part of ourselves in dreamtimes, often to find ourselves as strangers in our waking state of mind.

Being a traveler is fun. You give yourself different names in different Countries, tell people different stories from a different land, and make friends whose tongue speak differently than your own, and whose eyes see you exotically beautiful that makes you happy to reflect... Tasting different dishes, dancing to different tunes... and picking up different body language, that comes with the package of somewhat different sets of mind, local mind or cosmic mind... not to mention sharing the finest wine... The most interesting/boring/annoying thing is to answer question like – Where do you come from? Whether it is interesting, or boring, or annoying depends on the contact of the eyes, that reveal the hidden voices of another mind.

Where do I come from? From the East, from the West, from the womb of my mom, from a ship that sails beyond the suns... from inside, from outside, from the great above, from the great below, from a box that was nicer than the finest kind... from everywhere, from nowhere, from an observer who is making films before the beginning of time... Why do I have to come from one place, or one identity, or one mentality? Why do I have to answer questions about weather and health, money, careers, marriage(s), and future plans? Is there more to life than having an identity that make sense to the confined mind, or having brilliant answers to the questions that are boring and blind?

Home sick? Which land? Identity chaos? Which one?

The first time when I received the teachings of Omni-Particle from my teacher Ramtha, I was in bliss. Yes, I remember the Omni-Particle from the Book of My Soul. I remember how Omni-Particle dances in every Eternal Now, I remember the majestic love/freedom/intelligence of the Omni-field, and I remember – Where do I come from.

Why deal with the correct past/present/future tense when I know I am Omni-Particle existing in no time?

I shall not bore you with what I have done in which Country, or how wonderful I am – in which name? I had felt homeless on this planet from time to time, no matter how much I was loved beyond space/time... So desperate to find a place that I could belong, only to keep truth to myself while entertaining those people, place, time, things, events to which I thought I should belong ...

I am Omni-Particle. This website is inspired by The Dance of the Omni-Particle, and by the love that Life has given me, priceless than any gold mine. The wise said – Never show your poem to a non-poet. It sounds like never throw the pearls to the swine –Throw the pearls to the swine? I know how that does to our heart. Nobody is happy, especially the swine – The truth is that all Omni-Particles are the essence of all things – including poems, even the greatest poet face the challenge to de-code.

Shall I pretend that all the tears and sand within my tender sense of belonging have been transformed into pearls - through quantum leaps?

That is a dance-step that I shall not share with the local mind. However, I do love to share the joy of some of my most wacky journeys in this quantum awareness – this Eternal Now. Those tears and sand shall always be there as long as I – the observer, see them as tears and sand... Perhaps, I was only to pretend that I was a human like everyone, to trade a sense of belonging, and some fine-boxes of contentment... I know from my pearly heart that it is I who choose to leap - in any quantum-no-time... humane and divine.

Please do not expect me to be political correct, or expect me to have some nicely tamed manners like what you see on the airlines. A great dancer would never pose for appearances. Nor shall anyone, with a clear mind applaud the King with no clothes on but with an undeveloped mind... The truth shall set us free. We are the living truth. Then it is we who shall set ourselves free.

With a heart lighter than a feather, let me ask you a question simpler than the weather

– Shall we dance?


In Oneness



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