This field is dedicated to the issues that are hot and cold at the same time. Things seem to be hot when we are living from our first three seals. The opposite side of this is the icy, intellectual aloofness. The seeming detachment is only a put-on to cover up the heat. This iciness is also limited to the first three seals. We have experienced these dramas in dinner parties, in family gatherings, on the news and on TV … every day, everywhere. We have also witnessed that many humans do not want to be responsible but to be “ right “.

When we communicate with another human being from the heart and the seals above, we then have different realities to deal with the issues that were impossible to face from another state of mind. As the Observer in the quantum field, we are responsible for our ability to observe. There is great power when we act from the Observer within. There is no power when we react.

“ Burning Ice “ was one of my early theater pieces. I was somewhat confused with different sides of the human dramas, and I wanted to know the truth. Well, truth has never existed in opinions. There is nothing carved in dead stone that is truth. Truth is the living wisdom that grows within our souls with no end.

The challenges in today’s world urgently require us to grow up, to evolve, and to take responsibility. Our opinions will not make a new heaven on earth, no matter which side we take. Our living wisdom will do a better job.

In this field, I shall share with you the resources I have. You might have different resources, and different views. That won’t matter to me. The observer within us makes us great players in this quantum field. We shall see…

To the living wisdom!


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