Alternative thinkers unite! 

We Have a Common Enemy: The New World Order 

The Synthesis of Individualism & Wholism

By Jack Allis

Alternative thinkers today live in separate worlds. They squabble over countless issues, deflecting them from what's really important, and often ignore each other completely. Worse yet, they shoot themselves in foot by their unwillingness to put aside their differences, and work together to defeat a common enemy that is perched to reduce them both to dust, and has the power to do so. This enemy is the emerging fascist world government, or New World Order, that is taking shape around us at a frightening pace, and transforming the people of the world into a herd of mindless sheep.

By alternative thinker, I am referring to those people, who believe that the mainstream corporate and political system in the modern world is decadent, and unless drastic changes are made, will soon collapse. They have philosophies, strategies and life-styles that are alternatives to the norms of this system, and they are driven by their desire to change this system, and to create a different and better world. And there's not much time.

I am going to call these two factions of the alternative thinking world individualism and wholism (the "w is added to denote whole). I am uniquely qualified here because I live comfortably in both these worlds, though I differ with each on various issues. And I am one of the rare few. I have studied them both for decades, and my work, as a personal growth teacher and writer, incorporates them.

The individualists are on the right side of the political spectrum. They consist of Libertarians, Christian Patriots, and those who believe in a limited government, which strictly adheres to the Constitution, and free market economics. The individualists also tend to see the entire system as corrupt, and in need of an overhaul, not just certain elements of it, such as the Republicans or Democrats. As far as The New World Order is concerned, the individualists tend to get it. 

The wholists, on the left side of the spectrum, are a bit more apolitical and amorphous, and therefore more difficult to label. In general, they believe in environmentalism, wholistic health, and spirituality, of the non-denominational or universal type. Wholists loved the movies "Fahrenheit 9/11" and "What the #$*! Do We Know!?" (dealing with Quantum Physics and higher consciousness). They tend to see a conspiracy, but they believe it's a right wing, Republican conspiracy. They thought John Kerry was a good guy, or at least clearly enough the lesser of two evils that he would really make a difference.

If alternative thinkers intend to bring about meaningful change, these two worlds must unite. If we could succeed in this one thing, we do have the capability to generate enough critical mass to wake up enough people to make a dent in the existing system. In order to initiate this push, two fundamental things are necessary. The first is to act like grown-ups, not children, and learn to tolerate our differences, so we can coexist and work together. 

Tolerance also means respecting the right of everybody to believe in whatever form of religion or spirituality or atheism they choose. It's OK to discuss our metaphysical differences, but we must remember that ultimately this is a personal matter, and should be left on the side. We must agree that the world we want to create is one of religious and spiritual diversity. 

The second is to recognize the one titanic thing we do have in common: the enemy. Defeating The New World Order must be our central rallying point. If the New World Order reaches its goal, which is complete ownership and control of the planet Earth and all its people, alternative thinkers will be the first to go.

But much more importantly, individualists and wholists must come to understand that their positions are not inherently contradictory or exclusive of each other. They do tend to create this impression by the stereotypes they fling back and forth, and the names they call each other. You hear the Libertarians deride the environmentalists as a bunch of weirdo tree-huggers, who are more concerned about an endangered species of mice than they are about human progress, and the environmentalists think the Libertarians are a bunch of angry guys, without souls, who hate nature, and who wear fur coats just to tick them off. Neither is correct, and they both need to stop doing this, or they'll get a spanking. 

Actually, by clearing up some basic misunderstandings, and with a little tweaking here and there, individualists and wholists can fit quite nicely together, and become complementary pieces in a much bigger picture. In fact, if alternative thinkers are to make a difference, individualism and wholism must be synthesized. They are both essential ingredients to changing the world. The ultimate lesson is that they can't live without each other. There's absolutely nothing preventing a Libertarian or a Christian Patriot from being an environmentalist, and it's totally reasonable for an environmentalist to believe in limited government and free market solutions to the environmental crisis.

So, who or what exactly is this common enemy: The New World Order? I am only going to give a sketch of this here. However, there are mountains of evidence to support what you're about to hear. A few of my favorites are the work of G. Edward Griffin, Jon Rappoport, Alex Jones and David Icke (though David does tend to blow some fuses). If you want specific references, send me an email.

Here goes: The world is owned and controlled by a small group of people who operate entirely behind the scenes. I will call them The Global Elite. There is a wide range of disagreement about who they actually are, but we can safely say that they consist of interlocking genetic bloodlines, and they see themselves as divinely ordained to rule the planet Earth, and to decide what's best for the human race. Earlier in history, they operated more overtly through the monarchies and royal families, and through mainstream religious institutions, such as the Vatican. More recently, they coordinate their agenda, and wield their power through a vast network of secret societies. In the modern world, some of these pose as public policy think tanks, such the Council on Foreign Relations in the U.S., the Bilderberg Group in Europe, and many others. 

The Global Elite own everything, most importantly the major international banking institutions and the huge multi-national corporations, including all the major media outlets. This also gives them total control of all the governments of the major nations. And in the U.S., this includes both major political parties, including the Liberal Democrats and John Kerry. The Global Elite is able to totally control the information the world is exposed to through their control of the media and the educational systems. They use this to manipulate the minds of the people of the world by fabricating history, and creating a vast world of illusion that covers all this up.

The ultimate goal of the Global Elite is The New World Order. The New World Order will consist of one central world government, one global army, one global currency, and the all the people of the world will be micro-chipped, or linked by some kind of I.D. to a global central computer. 

Sound like anything that's dangerously close to happening? With stakes as high as these, individualists and wholists must learn to get along. And the first step is to take off our blinders, and get to know each other a little better. 

The term individualism is derived from the primary and most fundamental issue of politics, and that is individualism versus collectivism. All other matters of politics are subordinate to this, and they are mutually exclusive. You can't be a little of each. This issue, of course, has been around forever, but the philosopher Ayn Rand was the first contemporary thinker, to my knowledge, to bring it to the forefront, and more recently, writer G. Edward Griffin has elucidated upon it with great effectiveness.

In a system of politics, individualism means that the primary responsibility of government is protecting the rights of the individual, as was so clearly and eloquently spelled out in the Declaration of Independence: the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And the authority of the government is derived from free and empowered individuals. It is a system that works from the bottom up, as opposed to the top down in a collectivist system, where authority is derived from the collective or the group. The reason there was no real choice between Bush and Kerry is because they are both collectivists. A system of government that was based on individualism was the intention of the Founding Fathers when they wrote the U.S. Constitution ...

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