Environmental catastrophes are not God-given

Or: Why have we become so stupid

Snow in the desert, tsunami in the Indian Ocean, tornados, floods, droughts, waves of cold and summer temperatures at Christmas in Northern Europe: The planet has come off its hinges. Deep down inside we already knew all along: We cannot constantly hurt the earth and, nevertheless, expect it to just carry on as if nothing has happened. Since we have ignored the warnings of environmentalists, we live in the expectation of catastrophe. 

The whole of human civilization is built on the disrespect and destruction of the living. As long as we do not realize and change this fact, separate environmental repairs and appeals to the common sense of the human being can not succeed.

Environmental catastrophes are a last warning: Leave Babylon. Leave this way of life which destroys the earth. There is a healing perspective for the earth; and there is a perspective of how human kind can survive these catastrophes. 

Self-healing processes of the Earth

The earth is a very resilient organism. It has access to great powers of regeneration and self-healing. Nature follows an inner image that reacts to all injuries by immediately activating a healing process. But at some point a limit is reached. When the global strain becomes too much, the earth enters a critical condition that leads to unpredictable reactions.

There have been warnings for a long time - not only since the "Limits of growth" by the Club of Rome - but the appeals did not help. In fact the opposite: The machinery of global growth is running faster than ever, more and more trees, animal and plant species are cast into the hungry maw of an industry which eats up mountains, oceans and peoples and leaves only debris behind. Now additionally to the known destruction of the surface of the planet we started the destruction of the inside with its unknown consequences. Metals, gases, coal and Uranium were torn from the body of the earth for centuries - even in the holy places of old cultures - on such a large scale that immense hollows were the result, which alone could already be the trigger of the upheavals of the earth's body. The big military powers have been testing nuclear bombs in the depth of the oceans or the deserts thousands of times for decades already - in spite of all warnings of geological institutes, reckless against the delicate balance of the earth layers and reckless against all human and animal inhabitants of the landscapes. 
An individual cannot draw away from this insanity. There is hardly a spot on earth that is free from the effects of this mega-machine. Especially the area of the current Tsunami-catastrophe. With its dreamlike landscapes and almost untouched islands it is one of the most tragic victims of globalization through sex tourism, gigantic shrimp farms, backyard production sites of globalization, nuclear tests by India, civil wars, extinction of indigenous tribes and animal species, immense poverty brought there through stock market speculation. 

Why have we become so stupid?

Something freezes in the soul when we see these pictures. Pukhet, Aceh, Southern India and Sri Lanka: Why are the poorest of the poor the victims? How is it that "even" the animals have a much more reliable warning system as many fled inland from the wave and saved their lives? Is there a connection between the human doing and this apparently purely natural catastrophe? How is it that the modern human being is so helpless and ignorant in spite of all the technology and development?

The modern human being, who sends probes to Saturn and manipulates genes, still claims that natural catastrophes are God-given. Here his feeling of powerlessness - in spite of all his control over life - reveals itself when he is faced with this instinctual nature. By now he is no longer searching for strategies of healing the earth or environmental repair. Instead he is obsessed with perfecting the warning devices. In other words: The one fancying himself as ruler of the earth, is occupied with the question how to get away. 

The human being has become stupid. By fighting and suppressing his own instinctual wild nature’ he also fought and suppressed the wild nature of Gaia earth. Thus he lost the instinctual knowledge of animals. He sneered at the belief of aborigines, or romanticized it. But what they knew intuitively hints towards a fact that only now slowly re-emerges to consciousness: Human being and earth are one whole. 

Gaia was only the beginning

The Earth itself is alive. It is a self regulating, living, infinitely connected system. The miracle shows itself on all levels, from the cooperation of millions of molecules in a single cell to the cooperation of the living beings in a tropical rain forest or in the ocean. Humanity, nature and earth are a unity. This is not a religious sensation but a fact of system theory. From the slightest flit of an eyelash to the strongest hurricane everything is embedded in the one whole, everything finds its resonance. Nothing exists of itself, everything lives in a highly developed tapestry of visible and invisible communities. The forests and oceans, the mountains and all animals and plants are organs of the one organism earth; each has its task in the big automatic control system; each exists within a relation of direct communication of continuous feedback to the whole. The Gaia hypothesis by James Lovelock was only the beginning; newest insights go further; life and consciousness are within all matter. The same powers of life and consciousness that move our body, stream through every living being, through every stone, through the earth as a whole; they trigger tornados and earthquakes as much as the opening of a flower, they control our digestive system the same as the great joy of love. We find the movement patterns of life in the pulse of the cells, in the shaping of clouds, in the breakout of a volcano, in the curves of a river and in the mental activity of our own mind. All is one being. 

The connected and the disconnected human being

All is one being. Human and earth are one. Imagine actually living in such a world for one moment; to be connected with everything in daily life, to be embedded in and related to everything that is alive. Humans that have grown up with this awareness are standing in contact with the life around them, and in them. They receive a continuous, direct feedback to their actions. Therefore, it is not a religious order, rather an experience: What I do to my co-creation, I do to myself. What I do to the earth I will also do to myself. And as I treat myself, or any being, I treat the earth. A person perceiving co-creation with an open heart has a guideline for action and does not need any additional morality. Such a culture owns a self-regulation mechanism that makes it stable and durable. It does not need any law books and no jails because no one has the idea of stealing or killing. It has no mass farming of animals and no consumption industry. Its cities aren't monotonous concrete deserts, instead they are shaped in the image of organic forms. They don't live in separation and anonymity, they build a community in which the humans enjoy each other and enjoy being in communication and complementation.
The human beings today have separated themselves from the community of life. They have conquered the earth, taken away her sacredness and defined her as dead matter, in order to take hold of her natural resources and go to war. They live in division. Only as separated beings were they able to introduce the age of conquest, of the so-called objective science, of the capitalism leading up to the globalization of violence. 

By turning the earth into an object though, the human beings have lost their place within creation, and nature as a partner. They no longer receives feedback for their actions because they don't feel the creature's pain anymore, nor the pain of fellow humans. Dieter Duhm writes, in his book The Sacred Matrix’ the greatest pain of the earth maybe consists of the disturbed contact between humans themselves. Fear and violence create a barrier that blocks the communication and contact between humans, as well as between humans and animals. Here lies the reason for their stupidity. And here also lies the change and necessity for a new beginning.

Biotopes for Healing

Lynn Margulis, co-author of The Gaia Hypothesis writes: "If we wanted to survive the ecological and social crises caused by ourselves, we would probably be forced to undertake radically new and dramatic community enterprises." 

To support and survive the self-healing-process of the earth, humanity has to learn to live in connectedness. Humanity has to recall the original knowledge of the whole of creation and translate it with the help of science, ecology, and technology into our contemporary circumstances. It has to re-enter the community of living beings. This will only be possible when it enters into the community among humans.

The plan of the Healing Biotopes has the aim of installing research biotopes for humans, animals and nature at geomantically significant places on earth. These are pilot-models for a peace-culture between humans and with nature, for an eco high-tech that cooperates with the forces of nature. Global peace forces have to cooperate now to realize the financial, political and scientific requirements. 

Environmental catastrophes are not God-given. We humans are gardeners of the earth, we are her steering organ. We are personally responsible for our own and her destiny, like the astronaut Mitchell realized as he recognized his home planet from outer space. The earth is in an upheaval. To understand this upheaval and to realize it is a reflection of our own inner upheaval and then transform it into determined action - that is the growing challenge of the environmental catastrophes: create new networks, develop new conceptions and create places where the inner connections of peace can be understood and looked at. 

By Leila Dregger

Further reading:

Dieter Duhm: The Sacred Matrix. Meiga, 2003 
James Lovelock: various titles

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Monto do Cerro, 7630 Colos, Portugal
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