A Personal Message of Truth and Thanks 

from The Honourable John Joseph Kennedy

November 22, 2004 

Dear Friends, Supporters, JJK Electors and Voters, 

Welcome to the revolution! It is a spiritual revolution. A revolution of the Spirit. A revolution for freedom: spiritual freedom, American freedom, Constitutional freedom, personal freedom. Freedom from the bondage that has insidiously and violently gripped our nation and our world. Bondage of lies, deception and hatred borne out of the distorted minds and hearts of men and women we believed in. Men and women we elected to the highest offices in this land, sacred offices. 

Their insatiable hunger for power and wealth has lead to greed, war and mass destruction of all life--a violence in the world, as never seen before. All for the sake of a few. All for the sake of money, power and control. Empty treasures. Hollow victories. Spiritual warfare. 

I am writing to you today, on the forty-first anniversary of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy's death. My heart is pierced today. I was seven years old when I met the President. I was nine when he died. His life and his death have inspired and haunted me my entire life. 

What a unique day it is today. To wake up and know that because of his profound life I was able to stand up for America in a way no other candidate has ever been able to do in the history of the United States, nor at a time more needed. It was my duty and honor to run for the Presidency of the United States this year. When I decided to run, I realized that I could not have done this, nor would it have sparked the hearts of millions of people around the world as it has, had President Kennedy not blazed a brilliant trail before me. 

Kennedy for President! 2004? What? people exclaimed! Americans that heard of my campaign and millions more around the world took notice. Instantly, hope was restored, purity prevailed and love returned to the political landscape of America. 

President Kennedy's death was a great loss to me, all of our family, America and the world. Yet, his life and work lives on today in immeasurable ways. Do you realize we would not have computers, the Internet, cell phones, satellites or modern technology as we know it today had it not been for President Kennedy's courageous and profound vision to go to the moon? To explore space. To take us boldly into New Frontiers. 

Yet, while he envisioned New Frontiers, others behind his back envisioned hatred and oppression. While he envisioned peace on earth, goodwill towards all men and the Peace Corp, others behind his back plotted violence and social injustices. While he envisioned hope for humanity, others behind his back plotted death and destruction. While he envisioned beauty, the arts, creativity and love, others behind his back envisioned violence, weapons and nuclear war. 

While he and Jacqueline envisioned dignity and grace, others behind their backs were blinded with rageful jealousies. While the President and First Lady shined their unparalleled beacons of light, individually and collectively, others behind their backs groveled in the darkness plotting ways to sabotage their love, their light, their lives. 

As history continues to play itself out, we see clearly that President Kennedy's light can never be snuffed out. His was the light of God. God's light can never, ever be snuffed out. The evil behind President Kennedy's back that conspired to murder him in hopes of diminishing or snuffing out his light were wrong. Dead wrong! Today his light shines brighter than ever and will continue to radiate love, hope and promise for the world. For all time. 

His vision was so far-reaching it propelled us into the 21st century and beyond in both profound and subtle ways we could never fathom. His vision could only have come from the Divine. For it was a vision for the very best of humanity, the very best for our planets and for all life. It was, and is, life-giving. Not life-taking. 

I have been waiting for God to speak to me--the right time to reach out and say Thank You to each and every one of you for supporting me in my Presidential campaign this year. When I woke up this morning, my heart was pierced. It was heavy with loss and grief--yet bittersweet with love and gratitude. I knew today was the day to share with you my reflections, my thoughts, my hopes and dreams and my deepest appreciation and affection for all of you. 

Today is a day of remembrance for President Kennedy, Jacqueline, Bobby, John Jr., my great-great grandparents John D'Arcy Kennedy and Caroline de Rodriques Kennedy, my great grandparents Congressman Michael Francis Kennedy and Margaret Hand Butterly Kennedy, my grandparents Dr. Michael Francis Kennedy, Jr. and Caroline Christy Kennedy, and my parents Michael Francis Kennedy III and Phyllis Marie Bartles Kennedy. And last but not least, my beloved sister Cecilia Madeline Kennedy. Cecilia was only 32 when she was assassinated after fighting many years for justice to free many Americans who were falsely imprisoned in Thailand, including my little brother, Christopher Patrick Kennedy. 

In 1991, Christopher was asked to be a courier for classified business documents and traveled once or twice a month to exotic places around the world to deliver them. After several trips, he discovered he was not delivering top secret business documents, but money. He was being used to launder drug money. He tried to get out of it, however, he was pressured to make just one more trip; to Bangkok, Thailand. He was told if he made this last trip they would pay him double and he would not be asked to do it again. 

After delivering the briefcase of money, as he was ready to board an airplane at the airport in Bangkok, he was set up by the American and Thai DEA, claiming he was in possession of millions of dollars worth of heroin. They pointed to a suitcase that was not his, never been touched by him and claimed it was his. When they opened it up, they found the heroin. CNN was also there to report it live, so we knew it was a set up. Sadly, we watched in shock and horror on TV as our little brother was being arrested. We had no idea he was even going to Thailand. He was threatened not to tell us anything. 

Chris was given two life terms instead of the death sentence which is common for major drug smuggling in Thailand. Cecilia was only 26 at the time. She worked as a part-time model in San Francisco, and as a legal secretary, and was enjoying her lovely life, as we all were, when this atrocity happened. 

Cecilia Madeline Kennedy was not going to sit around and let our little brother perish to death in a disease-ridden and barbaric prison clear across the world, so she went to Thailand to see what she could do. Cecilia discovered the suitcase was not his, and that many innocent young Americans were falsely imprisoned for the very same reason. They send their victims to Thailand for their last trip, knowing Thailand is one of the few countries that does not have an extradition treaty with the United States for major drug smugglers. This way they will never be able to identify the drug ring responsible for their demise. So they set them up in Thailand to die a long and cruel slow death. Others lose their minds and go insane. It is so very sad. So tragic. 

Cecilia was so profoundly moved by this social and legal injustice to our brother and 54 other Americans, that she single-handedly put together a brilliant international legal defense team for Chris. She raised the money herself and, after many years of fighting for him, she proved before the Supreme Court of Thailand that he was set up, thus reversing his life term to 40 years. 

As she peeled away the layers of the criminal organization behind all of this, and shortly before her death, Cecilia uncovered that President Clinton, Hillary Clinton and a web of respected American politicians, including one of our first cousins, the black sheep of our family, John Hand Kennedy, Jr. of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma were behind this major political money laundering scheme. Our cousin had served as Secretary of State of Oklahoma from 1990-1994 under Governor David Walters. 

The rest of our family would not learn that our cousin was behind this, with the Clintons, until after her death. Reporters from the United States, South America and Thailand who had been following Cecilia's courageous plight to free our brother, and the other Americans, had carefully been following her story. Cecilia had also gone back to school to Stanford University's School of Broadcasting to become a news journalist. She had just finished her courses when she was murdered. She had made many friends in the field of broadcast journalism and they were angered by her death, which was covered up and reported as a heart attack (for a 32 year old). 

I was also a former journalist for The Daily Law Journal/Journal Record (currently owned by the New York Times) and an investigative writer. So I began my own investigation with the help of other journalists and good people that wanted justice to be served. The truth slowly began to unravel and I discovered what Cecilia had unearthed. That our cousin and Governor David Walters had been in business with the Clintons when he was governor of Arkansas and after he became President. Then the destruction of so many lives began. 

As Secretary of State of Oklahoma, my cousin grossly abused his power and position and began setting up many bogus corporations using dead people's Social Security numbers, including many of our deceased family members, as a means of filtering the drug money. 

President Clinton, Governor Walters and my cousin came under intense investigation in 1994. Unbeknownst to me at the time, because I had denounced my cousin years before, my cousin was quietly impeached in the Fall of 1994. He told us he quit so he could go back into private business. He and Governor Walters thought they were indestructible, and that they would have another term, and then my cousin would have two terms as Governor, and the crime syndicate under their rule would continue. What they didn't count on was Miss Cecilia Madeline Kennedy, all 100 lbs of her, bringing down their house of cards! 

To her shock and dismay, Cecilia had also discovered that the Clinton's, Governor Walters and my cousin were also the ones behind the Oklahoma City bombing. They blew it up for two reasons. First, the Social Security office was in the Murrah Building that had all the evidence of the social security numbers and corporations they had fraudulently created for their campaign and to hide their drug cartel. Secondly, Federal judges who worked in the Murrah building were about to indict my cousin, Governor Walters, President William Jefferson Clinton, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and others in this world-wide drug and money laundering scheme. So they blew them up, children and all! 

Cecilia also forced the American-Thailand Extradition Treaty to be ratified to bring American prisoners back to our homeland for safety, medical care and just trials. The day she completed all of this, one courageous young woman, her life was taken. A few weeks later, nine American prisoners returned to America and their families all because of Cecilia. My brother would be set free three years later. 

I have seen up close and personal the evil in life. I have seen it in my own family. I have always fought against it and will always fight for justice. I tried to appear before the Oklahoma City Grand Jury with all my evidence against my cousin, but I was denied. My life was also threatened and there were several attempts on my life. But I persevered and knew one day the Truth would come out. That day is here. I have first hand knowledge of the wrongs in America, and I intend to correct them, once and for all! 

So today I look back on all the heroic and noble people in my family that influenced my life in so many ways. Those who came before me, generations ago, and those in my immediate family who gave me hope, inspiration and love. A profound kind of love born in me, passed down to me and woven with perception, knowledge, understanding and compassion that makes me uniquely who I am today. 

I am so deeply grateful to be a Kennedy. So blessed to be from the D'Arcy family and heir of the Magna Carta. I am proud to be a descendent of King Charlemeagne, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and three enforcers of the Magna Carta, Baron Robert D'Arcy, Lord Norman D'Arcy and Sir Thomas D'Arcy, and the famous French martyr Joan of Arc (Joan D'Arc), from another branch of my family. 

I am just as proud to be the grandson of a coal miner from West Virginia on my mothers side, my maternal grandparents, Clarence and Daisy Bartles. I am who I am because of God, my family and my life's journey. You see, I could not stand up proudly or so boldly for you, for America, for the world had it not been for those brave souls who came before me. 

So today I honour them, as I do each of you who stepped up to stand side-by-side with me to raise the torch of Truth so that our flag can be raised to new and brighter heights. So that the sail that was taken out of it, beginning in 1963, will billow strongly and freely, once again. 

In essence, what we stood up for was love. Love for God, love for our great country, love for democracy, love for freedom, love for our innocent brothers and sisters around the world, love for our environment, love for our oceans, love for our children and the many generations to come. This spiritual war is not over. The revolution has begun in earnest! We have been told the write-in count will not be fully available to us until December 11th. We will reveal what is reported. In the meantime there is very good news on the horizon regarding my campaign. There is also a twist to this election which will play itself out in my favor. Many new doors have opened to me to usher in the New Humanity and today I officially announce my candidacy for the 2008 Presidential election. 

Yes, I was blocked from main stream media. Yes, I was blocked from some states to enter the race. Yes, there is so much fraud in the election perpetuated by the Bush-Clinton-Bush crime syndicates that we may never know the truth of any of the vote count but there are investigations underway. 

Yes, it is true that they are all behind it. Yes, it is true that Hillary and Bill Clinton assassinated JFK, Jr., Carolyn and Lauren Bassette. Yes, it is true JFK, Jr. was getting ready to announce his bid for the New York Senate race, which he would clearly have won, when his plane was sabotaged with a military laser gun causing the electromagnetic instruments to go askew. Note the first piece of luggage ironically washed ashore just miles from Jackie's house on Martha's Vineyard. What the news didn't tell you was that the Clinton's also had an estate on Martha's Vineyard. They were stalking JFK, Jr., and his family, while pretending to be their friends. 

Yes, it is true Hillary would do anything to steal his life and his Senate seat, even though she was not from New York, and nothing more than white-trash from Arkansas. Yes, it is true that after they murdered JFK, Jr., they created an ad campaign naming Chelsea Clinton as the new JFK, Jr., but that campaign soon fell flat on its ugly face for obvious reasons. 

Yes, it is true I took them all by surprise when I announced my campaign as a write-in in the eleventh hour. They thought they had killed off the last John Kennedy that was any threat to their bloodthirsty power game. 

Yes, it is true there is now a plot against me to assassinate me by creating an accident to insure Hillary will be the top Democratic Presidential contender for 2008, although she denies she has any interest in running. A huge campaign is underway right now to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for her to run. 

And never, ever forget the World Trade Center in New York City was blown up under her watch, not to mention the obvious--under the watch of the Bush crime family. Never, ever forget the Oklahoma City bombing and the first World Trade Center bombings were under the Clinton reign of terror. Never forget all the innocent men, women and children they murdered. 

Never ever forget, because if you do, you never, ever will be given a chance again to stand up for the America we all know and love! The America that is crying out for all the violence and hatred, and fear, and lies to stop! The America that is being suffocated with a blanket of evil masked in the faces of leadership--the tormented faces of George and Barbara Bush, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and the dying faces of William Jefferson Clinton, and the dubious Senator from New York, Hillary Rodham Clinton. 

Look up my disgraced cousin, John Hand Kennedy, Jr. in Oklahoma City. Look into his hideous face, his hollow eyes. They are the eyes of death. As are all the others who stole so many innocent lives. The death masks of all those they murdered are now holograms in their mind's eyes. They cannot close their eyes without seeing the faces of all they destroyed. Mark my words: Judgment Day is here! 

The curse is reversed. Spell the Clinton's name backwards and it spells NOT NIL C? 

If you need a reminder of the real evil in the world just look in their faces. Look in their blank eyes. But don't look too long. Turn your sight to God. Turn your focus on the good. Look to the beauty of life and love one another, and yourselves, as God loves us! 

Someone said to me: John, you can't change the world. And I replied: Well, I can sure try! That's all God wants us to do is try, and try our very best! 

I am doing my very best for America and the world, and you must continue to do yours. Stand up and be heard! Join the revolution! Fight the good fight and join me as we rise above the real axis of evil in our own country and reclaim what is ours by Divine birthright: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness! 

Love and Blessings, I remain, The Honorable John Joseph Kennedy

Kennedy for President 2008 www.JohnJosephKennedy.com

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.
Albert Einstein 



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