The Earth beneath our feet is not made of mere dust. It is the ashes, blood, bones…laughter, dreams, and strength… from the ones who walked before us. We are going to pass beyond the surface to meet the deeper truth... 

Have you ever listened to the messages carried by the Wind? When the Wind changes, all transient realities change too. Each grain of sand bears witness and its far memories.

Once upon a time, a grain of sand was the top of a mountain. It remembers the suns, moons, stars, giants, little folks and redwoods… It remembers the ancient songs and stories. It remembers the ancient beyond the ancient and the legacy beyond the suns...

Can you hear the songs from our ancestors? ---Hay---Yu-yu----Yie---La—--Wa---Yie---La---Yie—La-Yie—La-Wa---- Like grandma’s morning boiling teapot... What seems to be buried shall come forth again… Like the flowers in the early spring… nodding, trembling, whirling with the last snow…

To live is to Love. To love is to know. To know is to live.

When the Wind blows, the invisible ones watch us in silence… You and I dance with stars laughing in our palms. Infinite new Earths, infinite new Heavens, infinite new visions burst… into this Eternal Now.

The winds, the messages, the sand... the giants, the songs, the dance and the legacy beyond the suns… In oneness, we become…

Stories unfold like this –– ONCE UPON A TIME …


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