Excerpts Chapter 11

Deai-Deai loved to take us "three hairy monkeys" climbing mountains with him. 

Passing through those ancient grooves and holding his huge rough hand, I realized that Deai-Deai was a real giant 
-a giant who knew so much said so little; 
a giant who had colorful dreams just like mine, yet he did not know a single ballet movement; 
a giant who cared so much looked so stern; 
a giant who always walked along the ancient paths, 
no matter if it was the ancient mysterious ways of living,
or just plain trails of ancient grooves and trails of "The Hair of Golden Dogs" 

The Hair of Golden Dogs is a kind of giant fern plant.
If you are bleeding or wounded, all you need to do is to put The Hair of Golden Dogs on your wound, then the healing will happen in no time. 
When we walked along those silent paths, 
we could see hundreds "golden dogs" taking sun bath right in the center of those giant fern leaves as if there were golden fountains everywhere. 
It was always an adventure by being in Deai-Deai's presence: 
He was quiet most of the time, you were supposed to communicate with him from mind to mind in stead of idle chat. 
When he did talk to you, you might not understand what he was talking about, you had to be supper alert...
If his voice sounded like the thunder that means you had miss the point, then he would back to his silence for the rest of the trip. 

... All was quiet.
Even the birds seemed to hold their breaths in Deai-Deai's presence. 
Mom told us that Deai-Deai was a great martial artist who knew many mysterious disciplines that were lost in the modern time.
For example, that he did not need to use guns to shoot the birds.
He could easily sweep his walking stick, circling the air, and the birds would fall. 
This is part of the "chi-kung" disciplines. 
( the disciplines of Chi and the disciplines of breathing ). 
He could hunt bears, mountain lions, boards and many kind of beasts by himself. 
After we "three hairy monkeys" came to this world, he gave up hunting ...
I was happy about this because I loved the animal kingdom. 

Animals are our siblings from the stars. 
Most animal have their mom and father, wife, husband and children waiting for them to dinner together. 
It is not fair to kill them just for a good feast ...

The birds in the deep mountain seemed to know that they should not be "stupid" around Deai-Deai. 
Maybe there were also some beasts hiding behind the skirt of Mother Nature,
watching Deai-Deai's passing-by with their full intelligence present.
Nobody would choose to be stupid around Deai-Deai's energy field. 

Climbing higher and higher up the mountain, 
suddenly Deai-deai would tell us to look down finding those villages, towns and cities --

" Look! how small these cities are? 
Smaller than bee hives. 
Look! how tiny are those "big buildings" down there? 
Just take a look! 
Even the match boxes are bigger! 
How insignificant are those seemingly important things happened in those buildings! ..." 

Sometimes he would ask us what were the most important things in our life? 
I could not tell him that the most important thing in my life was to fly like the swan, 
so I said the "proper" thing - 
The most important thing in life was to help people in all kind of ways...
If he ask me the same question today, 
I shall have the intelligence to be honest.
And I shall tell him: 
" the most important thing for me is to fly and to inspire people using the wings that live inside their hearts and their minds..." 
This is not in conflict with his reality, 
I did not realize this then. 

The root of hypocrisy is truly about trying to be politically correct without knowing the truth within. 
How many adults in today's world can be totally free from needing approvals? 
This lead to another question 
-how many people today are free from being hypocrites? 

That is another "story"
... however, 
everything shall come around
-even the most conflicted realities are part of the whole..
If I was not a confused "little hypocrite" then, 
I would never had the opportunities to contemplate deeper, 
and I would never be able to speak the truth through my arts...
and I would never be able to tell you all these "hush-hush" stories with my heart beating like deeply in love ... 

Like most men ( common men or great men ), Deai-Deai loved his mother who was the daughter of the Great Chief Champion Intelligence. 
I saw her photo on Deai-Deai's altar, they looked like the identical twins. 
My impression was that she was not that happy because her arranged marriage. 
Deai-Deai had some unspoken anger toward his father just like what my father had toward his father. 
Their beloved mothers had to marry to the "compatible honorable families" but having tragic marriages themselves...

Nai-Nai and Deai-Deai were not married by the family arrangement. 
Nai-Nai told me that she and Deai-Deai met in a famous university in the southern China 
- I forget the name of that university. 
They both were students then. 
There were very few girls went to the university in her days. 
Deai-Deai often came to Nai-Nai's window singing love songs for Nai-Nai. 
Deai-Deai was extremely handsome but his singing voice was not as great as his presence. 
( imagine how it sounds like when the thunder sings. ) 
Nai-Nai felt so embarrassed in front of the other girls.
She had to go out to stop this nonsense...
Guess what? 
They were in love soon after that. 
When Deai-Deai asked for Nai-Nai's marriage-hand, he first asked Nai-Nai about the "marriage payments of Gold" according to the tradition. 
That was already very untraditional, 
He supposed to ask her father in stead of her ...
Guess what? 
Nai-Nai was so free she only said that she was not interested in gold 
- however, 
she never had a foreign camera...
and she would love to have one. 
-And she would like to go abroad to study further together with 
-And she would always be equal to Deai-Deai, 
no house- sitting 
nonsense for her... 

Nai-Nai never need anyone to take care of her.
She was able to take care of herself since she was a little girl. 
Her father was a well known shaman / healer
-a man with a good reputation often attract money, and match-makers for more wives. 
Nai-Nai's mother was not the "official" first wife, nor the second, nor the third wives, nor the mistress. 
She was a different kind. 
She was a "filled-in-house" for the first wife. 
This means after the death of the first wife, she was married to the shaman / healer as his second marriage.
Nai-Nai knew the difference since she was a little girl.
Due to her intelligent nature, her shaman father loved to grand her wishes. 
You know, that she did not ask something like going to the circus or having more spending money or anything a little girl would ask.
She asked for the things that even the adults would not know how to ask for:
One of the wishes granted was that her mother had to be the "official first wife" for her to get further education 
-without causing unnecessary misunderstanding among the family members. 
Since she could arrange a better married status for her mom when she was only a little girl,
why she need other matcher-makers for her own marriage? 
Nobody could do a better arrangement than she herself. 
In a way the daughter of a shaman-healer had much happier life than the daughter of the National Chief Champion Intelligence. 

I wonder how many people in the family would put things into perspective like this.
-The answer might be three people: 
Nai-Nai, Deai-Deai and I. 
I was a little girl then.
Nai-Nai felt that I would understand her pure intelligence with my own 
-without "the colored sunglasses from the social boxes."
Oh, yes, 
I could see myself observing "that little girl" from the Land of Spirits, 
realizing that I would love to have her genetic wisdoms
... Boom! 
There we were in a different timeline,
grand-mother and grand-daughter, 
soul to soul, heart to heart, having a great time exchanging awareness. 

What are those "colored sunglasses" anyway? 
Those "colored sunglasses" are simply made of prejudice and self-importance. 
Each social box has its own "colored sunglasses" and we all unconsciously wear these glasses from time to time. 
Even my most beloved Nai-Nai with her unbounded spirit and blazing intelligence would wear these glasses unconsciously
-she could not see my father other than "the hot headed peasant" 
until ...
Well, that was a different timeline. 
You will get to hear that when the green apple finally turned into red ... 

Where are we? 
Oh, yes, climbing the mountains...
There were temples in the deep mountains...
Deai-Deai would burn the sandalwood sticks for his mother. 
He told us that "The Buddha Nature lives within us all", and there was no need to worship an eternal "God". 
When he burnt the insence sticks in the Temple, he said that was to "communicate" with the Buddha nature in Oneness. 
" All life streams are sacred and divine. 
When we bowing down to the Buddha, we are actually "betraying" the teaching of Buddha. 
When we worship Jesus the Christ, we are actually "betraying" the teaching of the cosmic Christ..."
He even said that the Bible beliefs were from some young cultures...
"How could we bow down to a GOD who is emotionally immature?" 

Mom would say this was totally "blasphemy"
...I had better pray for Deai-Deai more. 
if Deai-Deai went to hell, I would not want to go to heaven. 
There was no point for me to be in the heaven and my loved ones were in hell...
I had to talk with God about this...
I was Precious to All that was in the Garden. 
God told me this "Himself" 
- remember that?!!! 
Plus, I was going to marry God when I grew up...
If Deai-Deai went to hell, 
I did not think that marriage would work! 

Silently I grabbed Deai-Deai's hand while talking to God - my "future husband."
Holding Deai-Deai's hand was another ordeal-
he loved to crackle my tiny fingers to see if my hands hold the will of my spirit. 
It hurt, but you should know better
-never crying hurt in front of another great warrior if you want the respect. 
I began to sing, 
so did Deai-Deai.
There were energy transmissions from his palm to mine, 
and my secret prayers to his...
I knew that he was proud of me. 
None of us said a single word.
We just loved to sing ...




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Music Credit: Clarinet Concerto in A major, K 622 Adagio, Mozart