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Artistic Statement

Hello, My friends:

My artistic statement is very simple, like air.

You are beautiful no matter if you can see it for yourselves or not.

Your beauty is your presence: a glance, an honest answer, or perhaps very bold manner... 
No matter what it is, you are it.

I do not care about fashions.







I like to create wearable arts, especially art for the 6th and 7th seal.

There is neither front nor back in my work.
My work is like the quantum field, no matter how you put them on, all right - alright. 
When you turn them around, you are experiencing different perceptions about your physical forms.
This might give you a sense of
light-heartedness about identities.

I have never followed any fashion, actually I have always thought that fashion follows me.

No matter how you see yourself, when you put on these magic hats, you become the ageless spirits. 

Yes, I am working for children of all ages.

May the magic child within you be forever free.

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May the Magic Child within you be forever free. 

Your friend

Omni Particle


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There is no mass production in my work.

The magic hat you order is one of a kind just for you.

You shall never find someone else wear the same hat as yours.

I also take order for galleries and stores with limited editions
for assurance of quality.

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Star Light
303 First Street South
Yelm, WA 98597 USA

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music credit: ERA by Eric Levi