Where everyone dance to
One another to share the
Deeper realities that could not be

Members that are interesting
Some of them look like human
Some of them look like cats, wolves, birds, dolphins
Sea otters …
Others look like flowers and trees
and seaweeds …
Some look like cloud 
Some you could not see
With your eyes
But your heart

Reflection Nebula NGC 1999

They do not watch TV
When they look into another’s eyes
They could watch the movies that play in another’s mind
both the head and the heart
Those human looking members are much smarter than the human on earth these days
They are not foolish enough to think that they should make
the other members their slaves
They are not hungry
They do not eat one another
They dance to one another
That is their “ food “
The reason why most human are hungry on earth
These days
Simply because they do not dance enough

Planetary Nebula MZ3

When they dance to the suns—
Oh! Yes, more than one sun in their world—
And the moons --- and yes, more than one moon
And the stars… The tree-looking members are
Throwing a giant web from their minds
Putting their beloved
Brothers and sisters in all forms
Inside the
Giant web
And the suns, moons and stars are
Dancing with them in magnificent
Everyone is shimmering
Liquid light
Leaping, rolling, flying

Carina Nebula

After the dance
They dream in the moonlight
The stars are singing the songs of
Every particle in the air radiant love
And oneness
They create the most fun adventure
From the genius minds
For a new tomorrow to come

They are masters of shape shifting
If the wolves want to understand the human better
All they need to do is to dance with a human
And become one with that human
The same with human to wolves
To cats … and to birds … and to the seaweeds
There is great trust and intimacy in their communion
They see themselves
In the reflections of
Their brothers and sisters
Their youth
And their elders …
They see themselves in the land, in the river
And in the

Cat's Eye Nebula

They also learn from the oceans and the Wind
And from the weathers and the mountains
About the “ BIGGER DANCE “
The stars dancing to one another in the sky
The seasons dancing to the stars
The oceans and seashores are
Dancing to each other
For a long, long time
From many yesterdays to many tomorrows
Today is the day they get married
Dancing from their heart and spirit
They realize that they are one

That ONE GREAT TRIBE vanished
From of everybody’s eyes
Just a moment ago
In great shock
Everybody fell into the
Time spell
Moments become eons
Now we have past, present and future
In space and time
Nobody know where do they go
Except those who remember
How to dance to the One
In this eternal

Where is that ONE GREAT TRIBE
They love one another so much
The only place they want to be
Is in the heart and mind
Of all creation
They dance our breaths and our thoughts
They dance our tears and our laughter
They dance our every dream and every fear
Until one moment in no-time
Some of us wake up from a long, long, long
And begin to dance our Heart
To dance our Spirit
To dance the Mind of God
To dance everything that is around us and inside us

Some of us say
Wait a moment —
All these eons are only for
This moment to remember
I am the member of that ONE GREAT TRIBE
Others say —
Yes, I remember I am the wolf
In a fine dream
My ears are sharp and my heart strong
Or — I am a drop of the morning dew
That travels through the rivers, then oceans, then clouds … then rain, then earth, then flower
In the same moment

Galaxies NGC 2207 and IC 2163

Or I am one of those suns
We love to feed life-streams with our rays 
We love to tickle their memories
From future and past
There is only
— Or I am the mother earth
The blood in my veins are the
Water of life on earth
Flowing from my heart to all hearts

I am magical
Nothing left me, except me
Now I find that “me” in my heart
I am free from the spell of
Long, long, long sleep
I have always been dancing
Even in my sleeps and dreams

In some bad dreams
My brothers, my enemies
We fought one another to death
My sisters, untrustworthy
I found no words in my heart to say to them
The most dreadful dreams were
About me
Being crippled and hateful
Until I could dance no more
But those were bad dreams
Eons / moment ago
In truth, I have danced
All my fears and nightmares
Into the sky
In to the ocean waves
Into the mountain caves
The sky, the ocean waves
And the mountain caves
And the “ I “ in them all
Taught me how to change my dreams
From cripple to rainbow
That is a great dance
I have danced it in spite of all

I shall dance with ALL THAT IS
For ever and ever and ever
No matter where you are
I shall dance with the
“ You “ in my heart
No matter what you believe
All-right, alright
In this quantum field
No matter who is your God
Just remember that God
Lives inside you
Never outside you
I shall remember
Who we truly are
All-ways, always
There is only ONE
That is

Infinite timelines danced by infinite Omni-Particles from
Reality to realities…
We are the messages.
The living Temples of truth
Children of the Timeless Divine
We are the second, 
The third…
The eleventh 
The twelfth
And the infinite
There is no savior out there to save us
There is a savior
-if you wish to call it that-
Inside us
We are It!
Dance on…
To Life!

Omni Particle

Dumbbell Nebula M27






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