Animation by Alan Knight

Rama and Ptaah is a living book of the love stories among three felines. Two of them look just like domestic cats, and the third one looks just like domestic human. They live happily together in the woods. Their dreamtime together creates a powerful field that allows the impossible possible.

Most of their communications are done in telepathy. However, when the third feline trying to share her ecstasy with other spirits who are also in human form at this present time, she uses one of the human language that is common on earth. That language is somewhat limited in linear time and confined space. It seems that language has no sense about the great oneness beyond the illusion of space/time.

Believe this or not, this is the most popular language for humans on planet Earth at this period of their evolution. The third feline is trying her best to share this journey with those whom she loves known and unknown. At this moment when their stories slowly unfolded into the human language, Rama wisely dreams away his next adventure while P'taah protectively sits next to the third feline, making sure that her trans-mission is clear.


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music credit: Anita's Dance, Peer Gynt by Edvard Grieg