Chapter 5

P'taah loves birds' flirt
I prefer she-cats' purr
The art of woo is simpler than
Playing bamboo flute
First comes the intent
with a nice image in your mind
Knowing you are just fine
then the melody flows
No kidding 
this is true
they look like felines
they smell like felines
they walk like felines
Really, truly, definitely
No difference than birds
When they coo

I am Rama
A god like P'taah
A god like you
A god 
the creams of ice
A god 
the flames from the match
A god who dances with the moon
A god who eats without spoon
Bring me the finest food
I shall 
tell you more
the art of woo

Woo is like the Chinese Wu
It means nothing-ness
when you try to be nothing
you are already something

The Tao that can be spoken 
is not the constant Tao
The Name that can be named
is not the constant Name
You say
I don't need to know Wu
just tell me
how to woo?
No problem

be cool
cooler than the flame from the match
turn warm
warmer than the creams of ice
When she coo
you coo
just a little
when she woo
you woo
a little more
No kidding
this is true
The art of woo
the way of Wu
The less you woo
the more they coo
From the tip of my tail
I know this for real

She-cats are nice when they coo
Be very calm when they woo
when the world knows beauty as beauty
Ugliness arises
when it knows good as good
evil arises
getting along with all she-cats
without being the boss
seeing them beautiful or ugly
without prejudice
difficult and easy
bring about each other
cooing and wooing
harmonize each other
Front and back
follow each other

When you woo well
do not 
on your importance
do not 
on your importance
You shall 
always well

The art of woo is simpler than
playing bamboo flute
I am Rama
A god like you
A god who enjoys
the finest food
A god who dances with the moon
A god who walks 
side by side
with Wu




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Music Credit: The Lady Canes Delight, Les Voix Humaines by Tobias HUME