We are all star-seeds.
This knowingness is encoded in our DNA 
Remember or not 
It won’t change our star-seeds’ 
Divine intelligence.
The more we allow ourselves to expand our awareness 
The more joyous we become. 

The eternal part of us has been everywhere and nowhere at the same time and in no-time. We all have great adventures in our dreamtimes. Some of us remember our stellar intelligence and learn to fully live it while others are fighting to fit everything into tangible 3D earth reality. 
Imagine how it is 
To fit the sky into a nice box

When we are in deep space, through the veil of the infinite forever, we find Earth as shimmering as the stars. Can you see this? Some people in other stars and planets would look up to the sky right now, telling their loved ones--- 
look that emerald earth!!! I have been there in my past-lives.
Oh, yeah?
Their loved ones answer in musical tones:
I have a mixed feeling about that place…
There is a part of me lives there right now
Somehow that part of me yearning to go home
That part of me thinks “home” is here
You and I both know
“ Home “ is where our hearts at
In our journey through the Mind of All That Is
If that part of me yearning to go “home”
It only shows that part of me has not lived 
The freedom
From the heart 

Then a part of us waking up, 
Knowing something vast than our human concerns
Become our realities only a moment ago
We are so much in love without human romance
Singing the most enchanted songs from nowhere
As if we were great composers
Pulling musical notes from the ether
Seeing colors dancing around us
As if we had painted pictures our whole lives
Anything we touch
We forget who we used to be
And why we were so confused
We are just happy for no reason
Star-seeds live in wholeness
Within and without
We are finally 

The stars beneath our feet
The stars above our heads
The stars dancing in our blood and our DNA
The stars from your eyes to mine
All saying the same thing
Life start within
Every stranger is another 
That includes

Below are my favorite links and articles. Galactic politics? Well, we are the observer in our realities. I love the inspiration that has transformed my realities. I do not take everything I read literally.

Do you know that in the history of mankind, the literal mind has created a “God” that is less evolved than humanity?
-Naughty and limited
I shall not vote for the 
Literal mind

The more we know, the deeper we love
The deeper we love, the more we know
Being spiritual?
We are spiritual beings
Having experiences in human forms
That is all
Spiritual beings having human experiences are
Human beings having spiritual experiences can create
Holy dogmas and holy poops
That is not really as bad as human thinks
Perception is everything
If mother Earth can turn poops into flowers
What can we do
You tell me

Hodge 301 in the Tarantula Nebula

Public domain space image by courtesy of NASA and the Hubble Heritage Team


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music credit: Poet - Romance For Cello, by Michael Hoppe'