More on the New Density Characteristics
Morenae to Alex Collier. Released 1/9/97

It is the start of One-ness that we would like to talk to you about and share with you. The vibratory rate of the universe is changing very fast, as compared to the rate of compulsory evolution. In your world, the rate of this vibratory rate will be measured by the frequency of the Earth. The effects of the new dimension were introduced in your year 1994, and it is affecting all physical material worlds regardless of their state or dimension. 

The effects are changing all physical matter, including atoms, photons, hydrogen molecules and all matter in the eleven creational densities. It is important that this be explained or stated for those that will listen, for it will prove to be verified for those who waiver in doubt. All physical matter is going to change because all thought is changing. It is starting in all of us at a higher level in spiritual form, or what we would "coin" for your discernment, the One Mind. 

As we told or spoke to you earlier, when we (first) recorded this new dimension, we explained to you that we were told (of it) by the Paa-tre, a race (consisting) of a single group-consciousness in what you could observe as the 9th density, that the frequency being emitted from the black holes is of one polarity. We now have more data that we can share and explain about its profound effects on all of us who are physical. We know not why this is happening, but (only) that it will change much of all of our lives and conscious experience in a short time. 

We, in Andromeda are preparing ourselves and our young, as well as trying to express as best as we can to other races what we have learned, so that others may choose to act or not to act in whatever way each acknowledges to do so. 
The most immediate change is in the 11th density, as we are told. To describe it to you in your limited language is nearly impossible, as one cannot express or explain infinity to a first grader or five-year-old in your world. We do not (mean to) imply that you are not capable of understanding, but we are at a loss to explain precisely to you when (because) your languages fall (so) short of true expression of the soul. But, we (will) try by saying that a dimension (containing) white light contains 72 more frequencies of light and consciousness, and that the levels of consciousness contained within a holographic dimensional picture of the same 72 frequencies, contained in one dimension, has tripled itself in an instant. The 11th density is now beyond description to those (who were) in 11th density, and their mode and quality of (descriptive) language and thought is now inadequate (to explain the change). 

Those consciousness (aspects) that exist to evolve are having to create whole new realities of communication. An example of what we are trying to express to you is that -- if one million people could not express or explain what had happened to them as a whole or as individuals, this would be very profound to the remainder. That is what happened. The changes and leaps of consciousness are so profound on the 11th density, those beings cannot relate to it in their present wisdom. They cannot explain "what" it is or "why" it is, because their past ability to be at One with their own existence has not prepared them for what has occurred. Their new reality is beyond all experience or expression. 

The effects are now beginning to be seen and felt on the 9th and 10th densities, and we as a race are starting to try to be at one with the vibration, so that there will be no interruption in our cooperation and vigilance with your present 3rd density and 4th density realities. 

Be it know to you that we cannot express to you what changes you will experience, until we have experienced them. But, based on the past and future experiences of 9th, 10th and 11th density beings, we already conclude that we may not be prepared to express it. The beings of the 11th density are having difficulty expressing it themselves, and expressing their experiences to each other of the Oneness of their new consciousness. In other words, it is like a child who has thoughts but does not know how to speak, and struggles to say the first words, and isn't sure what was said or why. It's first grade on the highest level of consciousness in our universe. We love and share with you. Lose not your faith. Be at one always. 
Your brother, Morenae




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