This Temple is trembling –

All the cells, muscles, bones are trembling

The breaths, heartbeats and tears

Are trembling too

And I said to myself

How many human beings


The magnificent temples

We are

For the breath of

All That Is

Is there any Temple made of stones

Breathe like this one




––Answer me

The whole universe


The silent

“ I “

Being and becoming

Hair dance

Treetop sees

Birds busy chat

To learn their language

You better to

Unlearn yours



The unknown


Intertwined with

The known


The blood, the flesh, the bones

Turned into flame

The Wind


The breath






Along each path you might pass

The stones, the grass, the trees

The unknown



All forms

Greeting you




Could not see me

I am

The morning dew


In the silent path

You cross

The flame from your eyes

Dances into mine



Could not see me

I giggle

In silence

You whistle


A new frequency







The silent


The Temple Never Forgotten was my quest for the truth of being human. I had not received Ram’s teaching in person then, but I danced to the Wind. Ram taught us the science of everything that I want to know. 

School of Ancient wisdom

In this field I shall share with you interesting science about

The myth called “ human “.

The image of the tree comes to my mind at this moment. There are always new branches, new blooms from the trees. A great tree knows how to integrate the old and the new. In some moments of trembling, and other moments of silent giggling, I am offering this Temple, made of the breath of the Spirit, in the Life of Dance to you. 

May the flame in your Temple be everlasting.

Spiritual Responsibility at a Time of Global Crisis

We are members of one another.
Ephesians, 4.25

by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

What is our responsibility at this time of global crisis? Many of us are only too aware of the precarious state of the world. We see and feel the tensions of terrorism, the plight of global poverty and hunger, and the ecological crisis that threatens our survival as a species. Any life form that knowingly destroys its own ecosystem is dangerously imbalanced. Our western focus on materialism and the power of greed is spreading over the planet, destroying its resources, polluting both the inner and outer worlds, desecrating the sacred that gives meaning to our lives.

It is easy to feel isolated or ineffectual, to think that the destiny of the world is in the hands of politicians blinded by power, or corporations concerned only with profits. But there is a part that we can play, a way that we can bring light into the darkness and work to awaken the world.

In our own journey we know that any time of crisis is also a time of opportunity. When powerful forces constellate, they carry the potential for transformation as well as destruction. What is true of our individual journey is also true for the world. The tremendous clash of opposites, of light and dark, which is threatening such destruction and seemingly polarizing the world, belongs to the birth pains of a global transformation. But in order for this transformation to be successful it needs our attention. It needs the participation of those who are awake to their own spiritual dimension and are committed to service; those whose consciousness can be aligned to something greater than their personal well-being.

At any time of real crisis our work is to look beyond the plane of action and reaction to where real help and grace are given. Through our meditations, prayers, and devotion, we align ourselves with the love and power of the divine, with the energy of real awareness, without which we are left alone with our own self-destructive conflicts. In this time of global crisis, it is our responsibility to look to a level beyond the problem, to recognize that our personal and political efforts are not enough to undo the destruction that has taken place, to pray for help and to trust that help can be given.

Sadly, we have tended to place meditation and prayer solely within the sphere of our personal relationship with the divine, not recognizing its larger dimension which concerns the well-being of the whole. Yet we have seen the power of prayer in the context of the larger world: after the tragedy of September 11th we had the tangible experience of people all around the world praying, working to hold a space of love and remembrance so that the energy of the divine could help to repair the fabric of life brutally torn apart by the acts of violence. This moment of global remembrance through prayer did not last, but it points to what is possible when we direct our attention to the larger whole.

Only the divine can heal and transform the world-the forces of antagonism in the world are too powerfully constellated for us to resolve on our own. But the divine needs our participation: we are the guardians of the planet. Working together with the power and love of the divine, we can help turn this moment of crisis into a time of global awakening. And what is the nature of this work? In our masculine culture we identify work with "doing" and activity. But to hold a space for the divine requires the feminine quality of "being." Through the simplicity of living our inner connection to the divine, living the awareness of the heart, we link the worlds together.

The heart of the mystic is like a doorway between the worlds. When our hearts are turned to the Real, we are a way for help to be given. It is so simple, and yet we so easily forget, and instead look outward for a quick fix or an outer authority to solve our problems.

Much of our present predicament comes from isolating ourselves in the outer physical world, to such a degree that we have almost forgotten the presence of the inner worlds. And yet it is always from within that divine grace and healing come. Those who have committed themselves to spiritual work have turned inward, and through meditation, prayer, dreamwork, and other practices, have begun to reclaim the vast and powerful dimensions of the inner.

We need to recognize the power and grace that comes from within. In our own personal spiritual practice we know this inner energy and its potential. Whether we call it divine love or the energy of real awareness we experience how it can change our life, give us meaning and heal us. We also know that when we are together with others in meditation or prayer the energy is amplified. When we link together with others committed to the work of spiritual service we create a vortex of power that belongs to the true nature of life, its sacred unity. We affirm the power of oneness that is needed to change our world.

When different spiritual traditions work together the energy is amplified. The different threads of real knowing, the different ways to praise and remember the divine, come together to create a container more powerful than the forces of greed and corruption. Through this container we can bring the energy of the Real into the illusions of the world. As we step out of the enclosed world of our individual aspiration and recognize this larger dimension to our spiritual practice, we create a network of love and light that is a real force in the world.

As individuals we can turn our attention to our own hearts, to the inner dimensions from where real help is given. As spiritual groups, we can work together and bring spiritual power into life so it can transform the world. In these ways we will begin to participate in the real potential of our time. We can help the world awaken to the presence of the divine.

(Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee is a Sufi teacher and author of a number of books, including Working with Oneness.) 

2003 – The Golden Sufi Center, 

See also:

Working with Oneness The Contribution of the Feminine

This is an excerpt from the final chapter of the book, "Working with Oneness" by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee: "Life is an interconnected whole, and the energy of life flows through the web of connections that link part to part. Human beings can work with this energy, to help it flow freely on all levels and to reach every part of the whole. Now, at this time of transition as we move out of one stage in our evolution and into the next, we are being asked to do this–to work consciously with the energy that flows through the web of connections, so that the oneness of life can shape the consciousness of the next age." CLIP

Working with Oneness – Excerpts by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

From Chapter 1, Global Energy Patterns : "The new energy that is becoming available to us is an energy of oneness that can help us live our true role in relation to the planet, a role of stewardship based on conscious interconnectedness." "Only as individuals standing on our own feet can we make a valid contribution to the collective. Otherwise we remain caught in the collective and its patterns of co-dependency that block any real change or development. Taking responsibility for our inner and outer life is necessary if we are to participate creatively in the life of the whole." "As a culture we are so identified with patterns of hierarchy and their levels of exclusion that we overlook the primary truth that the dimension of oneness is all-inclusive. The moment we turn our focus away from our own ego-self and participate in the work of the whole, we step into the circle of our own wholeness." CLIP – Many more excerpts at


About Oneness

"ONENESS is very simple: everything is included and allowed to live according to its true nature. This is the secret that is being revealed, the opportunity that is offered. How we make use of this opportunity depends upon the degree of our participation, how much we are prepared to give ourselves to the work that needs to be done, to the freedom that needs to be lived."

"If we allow ourselves to be open, we will be shown the possibilities of oneness, the world beyond our prison walls. If we remain within the patterns of our present consciousness, isolated by our fears of what is new, then we will not be able to read the signs of revelation. We will be unable to consciously participate with the new energy, and it will never realize its potential."

"Everything we need is present, but as always what stands in our way is our own self. The ecstatic mystic Bayezid Bistami, who was immersed in unity, expressed this primal truth:
I saw my Lord in my dreams and I asked, "How am I to find You?" He replied. "Leave yourself and come!"

"The energy that gives sustenance to all life flows through specific patterns, like power grids. Part of the potential of humanity is that our consciousness can be directly attuned to these patterns, allowing us to alter and redirect the energy that flows through them. This is a part of our magical nature. Each human being, as a microcosm of creation, has stamped into her consciousness the blueprint of creation, and the human brain has the potential to access this blueprint – to directly work with the patterns of creation." "We carry the heart of the world within our own heart, and through living our destiny we nourish the heart of the world."

From the book "Working with Oneness" by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee


"The outer world has been practically explored, and the physical sciences have advanced enormously. But the inner world of man is almost unknown as a fountain of inspiration and a way to the secret of life. John Bunyan said : "God enters the soul through a wound." The soul of modern man has been wounded by the crisis and spiritual conflict causes by the folly and vanity of the conscious, rational, attitude of mind, and that wound has opened up the unconscious mind. That wound has opened up what the intellect and reason refused to acknowledge and give place to in our life." 

"The future of civilization depends upon the freedom of the individual to develop his personal consciousness, to find and to fulfill that essential self, which is unique to each one of us. It can be done by gradually stripping away the impurities, the false ideas and conceptions we have of ourselves. These are a kind of dirt on the inner glass of our psychic outlook."

"Human consciousness is one of the greatest mysteries of life."

"There will then be an organic creation proceeding from the organic sense of life and not from the imposition of a set of intellectual ideas, trying to imprison life in a dead order. It is not order that we need today. It is the organic sense of life, and for that there is no substitute, intellectual or other wise. Until we have the organic sense of life, there can be no creative society, so we have come back again to the consciousness of the individual and his attitude."

"All real creation is personal, in art as in life. The mystery of personality is the basis of romantic art, as it is the basis of democracy. They are one. Democracy is the most difficult and most creative form of society known so far to man, difficult because creative, and romantic art is its natural _expression. The creative chaos of democracy with all its weaknesses, hypocrisy and injustice, is much closer to the human way of making a society then the iron prison of dictatorship states, communist or fascist, So, the flowing empirical _expression of romantic art is much nearer the actual life of the human psyche."

"Democratic romantic vision of civilization put the responsibility of life upon the individual. We can not give our problems over to some leader, who will solve them. The democratic civilization can be the soil in which the moulding and leavening of personal vision and of the collective unconscious mind of man will create a new world mythology of _expression. The re-establishment of the creative imagination in the life of man, the working towards a world consciousness, that is, the idea of the world as one living body, constitutes the great task of the democratic attitude in art and in life, because real creative energy works through diversity. For example, the law of growth is universal one, and yet that law is expressed differently in the form of a rose and in an oak tree. Under the diverse expressions of different artists works the same universal creative spirit, and deep under the consciousness of man works the hidden unity of the unconscious mind of the human race. The time has come for us to affirm the fundamental unity of man, to work for that which unifies him, and not what divides him."

"We are told a lot about our duty today, but it is mans duty to be free. He owes it to society, and I define freedom as the fulfillment of mans essential self. Liberty is not something that is let loose; it is something that is created. It is an achievement first in the individual man, then in a nation, then in the world community. The real measure of our civilization is its fruits. Civilization is created by men of good will, and not by politics. A European once showed an Indian sage a wireless and told him of the wonders of modern civilization, to which the Indian replied– "you make battleships, but can not even control your thoughts, to what will that lead? We know to our cost the answer to that."

"If we are not not all to perish we have got to realize that we are all fruit growing from the same, vast unconscious root of life. In whatever we destroy, we destroy ourselves, for the world is one living body."

"We are at the beginning of a new era, a new cycle of human existence, and this century will see the establishment of a world civilization based more on the organic sense of life, rather than on intellectual conceptions. Keats said, ultimately life can not be lived by precept, but only by constant awareness in itself. This is the organic sense of life to which we shall have to return. Society must be based upon our sense of wonder, the one experience which justifies our being alive."

"This is the age of Holy Spirit, this is the age of the universal principle – the open, flexible field of consciousness, the understanding of the unity of life in the multiplicity of human experience, so that we find in our culture again that hidden unity which transcends the fate of multiplicity and nemesis. As I see it this creative spirit which has entered our world is causing such disturbance that it will have to be answered by the spirit of the earth which we have denied as much as we have denied the spirits of the higher worlds. We have denied the spirit of the earth, and that spirit of the earth has to appear in woman. The meeting of the spirit of the earth and the spirit of the other world is one of the great moments that, I believe, will come in the future history of culture."

– Quoted from Cecil Collins in the book The Vision of the Fool and Other Writings






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