I would like to thank the following people and organizations for allowing me to repost the images
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Deep space photos from "NASA and the Hubble Heritage Team"  

Feline images from NaNcY L’opez  

Articles reposted from Jean Hudson

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Articles reposted from Paula Peterson’s EARTHCODE 

Ancient of Days
I would like to thank the following artists for their contribution for Ancient of Days Dance Theater. All dance photos on this website are but symbols of our love for the humanity and planet earth. It was a miracle for us to meet, co-create, and move on to different paths. Wherever you are now, remember your magic.
Photography by: Rick Gioiello, Teresa Schwarz, Martine Julien, 
Joyce Havekamp. Jack Roman.
Dancers: Joise Conte, Alexander Heller, Allison Peyrone Brown, Gabe Bobek, David W. Rose, Venessa Adato, Jeremiah Brimlow, Mark Schmetterer, Sonia Wichmann, Steven Shaw, Emily Goodman, 
Production team: Gerhard Brandner, Mark Pritchard, Stephen RA. Schaum, Sue Jane Stoker, Laraaji Nadananda, Juliana Brandner, Robert Rose, Rachelle Starr, Bunny Roals, Brahm Stuard, Stan Putko, Jonathan Goldman, Pet Kurs, Ron Corso, Jim Brinkley, Ariel Sebastian, Amy Russell, Aurilla Hatcher, Carol Walkner, Justin Jackson, Tonia Shoumatoff, Dante Palladino, Adam Plack, Scott Robinson.
Guest artists: Elisa King, Kerry Parker, Amos Pinhasi, Eric Hoisington.

I would like to thank Lady Stephany Ray who taught me how to get on the internet when I had no idea about this gift.

I would like to thank the wise woman, Bettye Johnson, author of Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls. Thank you Bettye for your insights and your presence that inspire the countless. And thank you for your emails that provide precious articles for this website. 

Thank you, Dylan Cramer of Cramer Design Studio for your knowledge and efficiency. It is a great experience to work with you, and this is only a beginning. You can visit his website by clicking here.

To Katrin Rippel for her generous offering to build a website for me. She was a great midwife for the birth of many writings and the website prior to this one. You may visit her here.
Thank you so much, Katrin.

To Mark Pritchard for the editing and unconditional support since 1986 – no matter how crazy my ideas are. Thank you, Mark for many journeys together beyond words …

To Pip Wilson, the Wizard of Oz/Aussi, whose magic and wisdom touched us all. I am in awe with his way to see the holograph in my mind. If you want to create a website that has living breath, you might want to contact him.
Thank you, Pip … Thank you so much for being in my reality.

And to you, my friend: Thank you for visiting. May your day filled with wonder and growth. May your night journey bring you lofty dreams and healings.
To Life!

Omni Particle




Fairies images from Pamela Walton 






music credit: Soundtrack of 1492 by Vangelia