Online dance class 1

Our breath is our best friend since birth

Our breath is our best friend since birth. 

It never leaves us until our spirits choose to depart from the bodies
that have not been wisely educated to got where the Mind goes.

Our breath is honest.

It reflects back to us our own naked thoughts and emotions. 
It has no concerns of political correctness.

When we are ignorant about our own breath,
we are actually ignorant about ourselves.

In Chinese, when we describe a beautiful woman/goddess, 
we don't describe the size of her breasts...
Instead we describe the quality of her breath/chi.

Breath is highly focused on in almost all disciplines
since ancient times, especially in the East:
martial arts, yoga, music...calligrapgy, and meditation.

When we listen to great music or watch a great movie, 
we often say-- it takes my breath away.

Great art takes our breath away from our self-centered opinions
to universal understanding. 

Many great artists do not play social bull-poops.
They might never belong to any in-group.
Actually they might have people holding opinions against their allofness.

The magic happens when their opponents suddenly found themselves experiencing oneness
through the arts of their most prejudice against artists.
Deep inside they secretly wish that they could have done that.
They were puzzled by this silent eloquence.

There was a legend in Ancient China about two potential future kings.
They both were born ina dark age when war, greed, blood and fear were surpassing the 
dignity of humanity.
They both were heroes, and both had their strengths, merits and followers.
They both know how to be invisible or visible at will.
The following encounter happened in a teashop -- not unlike today's Starbucks,
where people from all walks come for a drink and for meeting friends.

There were often storytellers, body-hunters, fortune-seekers in a crowd like this;
then there were often great ones in disguise,
in the corner of this tea room sat a bearded giant. 
Perhaps he looked just like Harry Potter's giant teacher.
In another corner of this teashop sat a gentleman who was not as powerful looking
as the handsome giant.
Perhaps he looked like an average Joe.
These two guys looked at each other and moved into the same table without words,
without hugs, without handshakes.
They sat silently across each other for a long, long time...
no food, no drnks, no talking, no fighting...
nothing except breathing.
In those hours many had fallen in love,
many had made their fortunes,
many had repeated old stories that only gratefied the teller but put the audience to sleep,
many had just killed time.
Still, these two were doing nothing but breathing.

Together they sat so still for the longest time.
People might just see them as part of the wall or furniture.
They were in different frequency -- that was why they became invisible to the busy crowd.
They were in a different world in their mind.

They were communicating deeply with their breath.

Finally, this handsome giant deeply bowed to that "Joe": 
" you should be the future king, for your breath is deeper and longer.
We shall meet again! "

That "Joe" became the new king of a new dynasty thousands of years ago, 
before the birth of Jesus.
I believe it was the Han dynasty.
China has at least 5,000 years of written history.
Some American do not even remember the freedom that our forefather had
created for us. 
This is only 200 years ago.

Where was that handsome giant?

He might choose to be invisible like many great ones.
Or he might choose to finely tune his breath with heaven and earth in a remote land.
To be sure, he had many great adventures with his breath.
How do I know?
Well, I can tell you this:
While I have not sat in a teashop breathing together wth a future leaders yet,
I have already had many adventures with my breath.

Can you breathe with this idea that a great future leader is within us all?

Had these two ever met again?

Whether or not they met again in person,
they were in each other's mind and in each other's breath.

This is a little different than the elections in these days.

The first online dance class I am sharing with you is about the Breath.
I used to start my class and workshop with this Holy Breath.

Again, many holy poops are circulating around the world these days - in the name of
holy/sacred to create self-serving war, seperation and mass murder.
The mind behind those ideas is not about wholeness but un-wholly-ness...
Let's forget about holy poops and sacred ashes.
Let's plant some seeds for the generations to come to live in Wholeness.
Let's walk the talk.

Let's dance the dance.

First, get your favorite music ready -- a piece of music that takes your breath "away."

Or you might prefer to listen to the songs of the wind, frog, rain ... and ocean waves.

Breathing is an organic experience.
when we make it mechanical, we lose the joy of breathing, and we unconsciously repeat
old patterns.

How do lovers breathe together when they share bliss?
How have waves and seashores breathed together since the beginning of time?
How do we breathe with the vast part of ourselves that has neither name nor tangible form?

Will you please close your eyes and allow yourself to breath with this presence for a while?

Now, can you shift your focus to breathe with your palms for a moment?

Allow this inelligence to breath through the palms, and allow them to move freely.

Allow your palms breathe with each other and with the sounds around you:
your favorite piece of music, or the breath of the Wind...
the songs of frogs... raindrops... ocean waves.

Do not try to make it. Simply allow.

Where are you? What do you see?

Yes, you are dancing with a presence.

Your palms are danced by this presence.

You may dance in this state as long as you wish.



This is plenty for the lesson one. Take this breath to your life.


Be aware of your thoughts, and observe your breath in those moments.
What kinds of emotions follow what kinds of thoughts


Don't judge, simply breathe with them.


Dance with those moments.


Yes, something has changed, just like dance. Every moment is a new moment.
Dance is trans-formation.


It is a good idea to keep a journal.


For some of you who just love to teach others, please make sure you have profound experiences
for yourselves first.



Information is nothing unless it has been experienced and has brought wisdom into our lives.


Our "students" have their inner teachers. They might know something we don't know.
Make sure we are aware of this.

I leave the rest of this dance to your inner teacher until we meet again.









Music Credit: Nocturne C sharp Minor OP Posth by Fryderyk Chopin