Dear Hearts:

The Dance of Life is infinite
Instead of dancing on stage with my physical body
Here is a dance from my heart to yours
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Yienan Star Light Song

I am also available to teach workshops about Dance to all people.

I found this article online...

Courtesy of Christina Gombar, I would like to share this article with you.

Thank you Christina, it is your turn to teach me and help me reember... after being through quite some journey called Life.

Dance from the Dream State


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There is no condition on whether or not you are professionally trained. 
The simple question is “ Do you want to dance freely from the divinity within? “
I have a resistance to telling you my dance background, awards, and everything that is important to the social mind. 
It is enough to say that I have danced professionally since I was 5yrs old; I have choreographed professionally since I was 13 yrs old. 
I have an MFA from Calarts; and I had founded and directed also performed for my dance-theater company in New York City from 1986-2001 before the -shift-…
The reason for my resistance to stating those achievements is:
Dance only exists in this Eternal Now.
For those of you who want to know more about Dance, 
you may want to visit the room of Wings of My Wings after reading this article
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I am giving online dance class there.
Dance class on internet?
Sounds crazy? 
Let's find it out.

Below are two articles from The New York Times about my works.
Less is more.
No matter what you read about me, the workshops will always be unpredictable… because Dance is always unpredictable.




About my dance “ career “

As an artist I do not believe in career. I place my faith in the visions, disciplines, artistic expressions and living truth.
Career is a highly charged word for those who dare to live outside the box. 
It is always too abstract for me to write or to talk about my dance. 
Dance is non-verbal. 
Many dancers do not talk cleverly, but dance brilliantly. 
Many who talk cleverly cannot move in depth and in freedom. 
Some would not spend time to fine tune their disciplines, but do everything for fame. (sounds judgemental but there is really no judgement on it. It simpile is what is. ^_^ ) 
There is always great respect and adoration among fine dancers. 
We know what it takes to go through the fire. 
We also know what it takes to dance true inspiration through discipline and through the Spirit. 
Mind over matter? 
Yes, fine dancers' physical form always follow their deeper mind expressed itself as instinct and intuition. 
Perhaps this is also the reason why so many of us do not chase fame and material gain ...
We are not bound by the material world. 
How about “want-to-be’s”? 
Well, people have to own their journey. 
We were also“want-to-be’s” before we passed the fire. 

That fire has a million faces and a million names. 
One of them is INTEGRITY.

Before I knew how to talk well and how to make people like me, I had already performed on stage and on TV. 
Before I knew the word “choreography”, I had already made many dances for others to perform.
Those happy times were precious, before I knew what the word CAREER meant. 
I had many lifetimes in this incarnation as a dancer/choreographer/director. 
Yes, I had many -dance careers- already before I started my Dance Theater works.
Below is the list of my dance theater works for my dance theater, Ancient of Days Dance Theater in New York. 
They are like books written in non-verbal language. I write the book of my soul through my dance theater works, among other expressions.

The name “Ancient of Days” was first given to me in my dreams. After that I received a series confirmations on the physical plane.
It is a name given to God by the Prophet Daniel (7:9, 13, 22), in which he contrasts “His” eternal powers with the frail existence of the empires of the world.
I did not know too much about religious politics back then ---- no, I did not realize religions and politics are actually great lovers for each other.
No, I did not know that religions, politics and cooperate business world are great buddies for one another. 
In my single-mindedness, I was happy to be given a great name for my dance company. 
Perhaps a part of me was seeing myself as “his daughter.”
When “ All That Is “ awakes within me, I have a different relationship with this highly charged word—God. 
Instead of yearning for the union with God, 
I ask myself: –
What is not God?
What is not the Omnipresence?
I could no more offer my dance to any gods outside me, including xxx and yyy and zzz... ^_^.
I could no more attend any spiritual gatherings that were not infinite
Then came the time when I had to close my dance company to go even deeper within.
My work has never been “religious.”
Actually my work has always been “heretical“ to quest laws that were carved on dead stones ...

There were two different realities behind my dreaming of
the name Ancient of Days:
The eternal part of me knows that I Am One with Ancient of Days just like I am one with all.
The personality part of me was in a state of yearning for sacred union.
When we are yearning for something that only shows we do not have it.
Yearning is a great journey because we will have what we are yearning for.
After that, then what?

The name – Ancient of Days – was very sacred to me for a long time.
Until one day I became curious about how many “ Ancient of Days “ were out there in the world. 
The answer from Google was more than a million… 
Have they all dreamed the dreams I had???
I laughed and laughed for many days and many nights,
still could not help to laugh more.
In the sight of quantum forever-ness, what is the true meaning of career?
Ok, here comes the list of my dance theater works:

The Unanswered Question
Children of the Timeless Divine
Daughters of Sky
Burning Ice
Daughters and Sons From Atlantis
Heart of Mine
Wings of My Wings, Blood of My Blood
When the Passions Were Born
Weavers of Time
The Temple Never Forgotten
The Labyrinth, The Minotaur, I AM

Among these, the Wings, the Temple, the Passions, the Labyrinth are my solo works.

In addition to performing and creating new works, I have taught at schools, colleges, universities, armies, dance companies, and TV production
... all before I came to the USA.
I have also taught Sacred Dance Classes
– Journey To the Path of I AM – 
at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, in New York City.
Again, no matter what I have done, this moment is always different.
Dance only lives in this moment.

It is interesting to observe myself writing things about an old friend…
– Who is another – I – in a different timeline.
– I do not see her as my past but a completed experience in her yearning for the sacred union.
– She was something else.
– Without her searching, I would not be able to move onto new adventures,
– And I would not be able to talk to you as divinity to divinity.
– She is an apple in the Tree of my life.
– I respect her
– But my work shall be different than hers.
I know this from my heart. 
She smiles…
I am her dream fulfilled. 
Now is a time for many new dreams. 

There shall come a time when another – I – saying goodbye to this – me – for other unknown dreams … 
I shall be as graceful as she to let go the finite for the infinite.
We are One.

She and I have countless live performances recorded in Hi-8 tapes and videotapes.
We are looking for sincere visionary filmmakers or DVD artists, to put them into different inspirational forms. 
If you can see what I see, please contact me.

May your dreams bring you endless adventures.

To Life!
To Dance!

Omni Particle

Reference about Ancient of Days

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