Danced by the Eternal Flame

Sacred Dance Workshop by Yienan Song

Time : 9-12 AM, March 19, 2005
Place: Emissaries of Divine Light 
Sunrise Ranch Conference Center 

Sunrise Ranch Conference Center 
5569 N. County Rd. 29 Loveland, Colorado 80538
Phone: 970-679-4200 Fax: 970-679-4247 
Email: sunrise_conferences@emnet.org
Conference Co-ordinator:
Conference Registrar: Sara Frank 970-679-4307
Admission: $ 25; s
tudents and seniors: $15

Infinite timelines danced by infinite Omni-Particles from
Reality to realities …
We are the messages.
The living Temples of truth
We are
Children of the Timeless Divine

To live is to Love. To love is to know. To know is to live.

When the Wind blows, the invisible ones watch us in silence… You and I dance with stars laughing in our palms. 
Infinite new Earths, infinite new Heavens, infinite new visions burst… into this Eternal Now.

The winds, the messages, the sand... the giants, the songs, the dance and the legacy beyond the suns… In oneness, we become ...

About Yienan Song

Things to bring
a) comfortable clothing
b) a notebook/journal, and crayons
c) if you use a blindfold, bring it with you 
and, a light heart!

I shall dance with ALL THAT IS
For ever and ever and ever
No matter where you are
I shall dance with the
“ You “ in my heart
No matter what you believe
All-right, alright
In this quantum field
No matter who is your God
Just remember that God
Lives inside you
Never outside you
I shall remember
Who we truly are
All-ways, always
There is only ONE
That is

The coming of this New Year is as good a time as any to celebrate the fact that we are making revolutions around our Sun together in this life. 
Good to be solar companions in this great journey through space. 

See you there!



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